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Why We Do It

Using technology to connect people on a human level in order to empower our users and certified establishments to make effective decisions.

Anonymous reports sent directly to the organization that you choose.

What We Do

Your safety and anonymity are our top priority.
At Tribe, we take every report seriously.

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Geographically pin and file a report anonymously.

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Search your area and help improve your community.

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Take action to improve your organization and join the tribe.

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Learn how you can help make our communities safer by anonymously filing harassment reports to warn others.


Create a business account for your organization to let community members know you value their safety.

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Anonymously file sexual harassment reports to warn others in your area. Get a road map of where it's safest to go.

  • File a report in minutes
  • Fully dynamic reporting system
  • Search based on zip code
  • Request access to view full report
  • Help support your community
File a report in minutesFully dynamic reporting systemSearch based on zip codeRequest access to view full reportHelp support your community

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